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spring barley

Unsere "gschulten Kreuzer" lassen sich gerne über die Schulter blicken!

We are working on the spring barley sector since 1973 and are selecting for feeding and malting purposes!

EDELMIRA – malting barley

  • early ear emergence
  • short and stable
  • good resistance to dry conditions
  • very good resistance to net blotch and Rynchosporium
  • high yield potential
  • THE future Austrian malting barley!


ESTERREICH – the patriot

  • early ear emergence
  • mid-early ripening
  • short and mid-stable
  • good resistance to leaf-diseases
  • good yield
  • good test weight
  • very high content of bigger grains (> 2,5 mm)
  • THE AUSTRIAN answer for feeding! 
Gerste Blüte

ELENA – the vital!

  • very high yields under moist conditions and in organic farming
  • very good resistance to mildew and net blotch
  • mid-early ripening
  • stable
  • highest test weights
  • high nutritional value
  • seeds for organic farming available


ELFRIEDE – pleases the farmer!

  • medium to high plant lenght
  • very healthy leaves
  • no fungicides neccessary
  • good stability of straw
  • high yields in all producing areas
  • high N-efficiency
  • high content of bigger grains (>2,5 mm)
  • low content of fibre
  • high nutritional value
  • seeds available Saatzucht Probstdorf
Gerste reif

ESCALENA – the allrounder!

  • barley for feeding with high yields
  • early ear emergence
  • medium in ripening
  • short
  • very stable till harvest
  • good tolerance to some illnesses
  • good yield potential even under dry conditions

EVELINA – for grain and straw!

  • very healthy
  • fast growing and robust 
  • mid-early ripening
  • low problems in producing 
  • high yield of straw
  • beautiful grain
  • very high nutritional value
  • very good tolerance for cool and moist production areas
Gerste Gelbreife 1