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business description

Saatzucht Edelhof

address: Edelhof 1, A-3910 Zwettl

tel. and fax: + 43 (0)2822/52402-116

e-mail: info@saatzucht-edelhof.at

internet: www.saatzucht-edelhof.at

vocational school Edelhof,  country of Lower Austria

RWA (Raiffeisen Ware Austria), Saatzucht Edelhof GmbH and partners in Austria and abroad

Zuchtgarten und Mohn Drohnenflug

entire farm vocational school Edelhof: 
128 ha, thereof 67 ha organic farming (teaching, training and trial-aspects)
longtime trial accounts: lako

breeding station:
53 ha (incl. 18 ha  oilseed rape, potatoes, poppy ) 

nursery garden:
35 ha at Edelhof
15 ha in agricultural schools Gießhübl, Hollabrunn und Obersiebenbrunn 
and on several farms in Lower Austria in Hollabrunn, Obersiebenbrunn and partner companies in Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Styria (Pöchlarn, Gerhaus, St. Florian, Marchtrenk, Gleisdorf…).

That means about 40.000 plots for trials and monitoring per year plus trials in exchange with other cereal breeders (Austria and abroad).                          

winter-in-between-generations of all cereals in Chile (partner company Semillas Baer; Gorbea)

crop rotation:
oilseed rape- oats- winter wheat and spring wheat/winter rye – potatoes/poppy- winter barley and sping barley

abstract of breeding and trial locations (incomplete)


near Zwettl

near Vienna

near Horn

near  Amstetten 


595 m

151 m

250 m

290 m

annual temperature

7,8 °C

9,4 °C

9,0 °C

8,7 °C

annual precipitation

660 mm

520 mm

519 mm

950 mm

soil texture

loamy sand – sandy loam

loamy silt

loamy silt

loamy silt

soil type

acid brown earth

calcareous black earth

calcareous black earth

calcareous brown earth

land value

median arable land

high-quality arable land

high-quality arable land

high-quality arable land