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varieties and seeds

Since we have started plant breeding at Edelhof we grew from a business of local dimension to a breeding station with international market.
Starting with winter rye and spring oat at the beginning of the 20th century, we now work with winter wheat and spring wheat, winter barley and spring barley, winter rye, winter oats and spring oats.
Now Saatzucht Edelhof is the only cereal breeder in Austria breeding new Austrian varieties of winter rye, spring and winter oats and spring barley!

A breeder has to work at least 10 years from the beginning of a crossing until registration of a new variety.
For breeding new varieties we use cross breeding followed by selection of ears or plants.
Ears or plants that differ from motherlines are selected in the second and third generation.
In the fourth generation healthy and promising ears or plant offsprings are harvested. The first drilling occurs in the fifth generation. At this time important agronomical characteristics are expressed and agronomically important analysis are made.

There is a lot of interest from foreign partner companies in our varieties and we already have variety registrations in lots of European countries. The marketing of our varieties is done by our long time partner, the seed department of Raiffeisen Ware Austria. The multiplication contracts are finalized between the Raiffeisen Ware Austria and multiplication farmers.